Friday, 10 June 2016

Have a great weekend children.

I'm not sure how many (if any) of you will see this post but just wanted to say WELL DONE to you all for being so great this week.  You should all be very proud of yourselves.
Have a good rest and enjoy your weekend.

If you do get time it would be lovely if you could write something about your week by adding a comment to this post.  Let your friends know too if you are speaking to them!

Mr Parascandolo

Are we nearly there yet?

A post for Sophie

A special post for Sophie! Remember this sign? We walked past this morning and thought of you!  Thought you'd like to see it on your way home today!!

Goodbye to the Isle of Wight

Morning walk to Culver Point for a view over the island.  We are now on the coach and hoping to catch an early ferry. We will let you know if we expect to get back to school early.

It's nearly over....

We have survived the last evening and are now struggling to wake up some very tired children.  A busy morning ahead - breakfast at 7.15 then 'home' to strip beds and tidy rooms (extreme pain ahead I fear!) 

We then head off for a walk to Culver Point for a view over the island before getting on the coach for a 11am departure.   

The children have had a great time but are really looking forward to seeing you all, their comfy beds and some home cooked food.  A little bit of advice - I appreciate how much you will want to hug and kiss them as soon as possible but DO NOT GET TOO CLOSE! 
A warm, soapy bath is greatly recommended, with children soaked for quite some time!

One last little request ~ please may I ask that before you rush home this afternoon, turn your child around and encourage him/her to say a MASSIVE thank you to the five wonderful adults who have taken such care of the children this week.

Have a good day
Mr. Parascandolo

Leap of Faith (Mrs Dodsworth's Group)

Lots of photos from this group so three slide shows I'm afraid!

Leap of Faith ~ Mrs MacDonald